Tuesday, September 21, 2010

School Proximity to Senior Centers

For a super easy and rather crude mashup you can do a search on google maps such as "schools" and then do another such as "seniors centers" then scroll to the bottom of results on left hand side and you will see a + if you press the + you will see "seniors centers" is selected but "schools" is not. If you select the box beside "schools" both points will show up in different colors so you can easily see a relationship. The data is as good as the search you use and the data available, generaly businesses, organizations, facilities, institutions. This could be useful to know if there are potential synergies that exist where students could volunteer at seniors centers or in other cases if there is a potential for a synergy that doesn't exist such as gardens near seniors centers or schools.

Edmonton Recreation Facilites

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Geocoding Etc.: Us and Them

The Geocoding blog is a great resource for easy geocoding from excel. You can easily copy and paste a spreadsheet into an online form and it will geocode the features onto a map. It will even distinguish points by class or type and will include attribute data in the point.